Texas Pharmacy Congress

Working Together for Texas Pharmacists

During its brief history, the Texas Pharmacy Congress has, among other accomplishments:

• in the early 1990s, committed members and financial resources to provide the organizational structure for Texas Pharmacists United in Patient Care, a group dedicated to enhancing the public image of the profession in Texas through patient and pharmacist education.

• successfully sought approval for, developed, and implemented TxPHARM, a cooperative effort among the four existing colleges of pharmacy in Texas to offer a nontraditional Pharm.D. degree program to BS-licensed practitioners in Texas, in the late 1990s-early 2000s.

• envisioned, developed, planned, and implemented "Summit 2000:  Better Medication Outcomes through Healthcare Collaboration", an interdisciplinary gathering of healthcare professionals in Texas , on November 29-30, 2000.

• during each biennial legislative session, suggested enhancements to the Texas Pharmacy Practice Act.

• developed a strategic plan, or "vision" for pharmacy in Texas, in 1990-1992, again in 1999-2000, in 2012-2014 and lately in 2018.

• envisioned and provided the foundation for formation of other consortia in Texas, such as the Joint  Committee on Internship Programs (now the Texas Consortium on Experiential Programs, or TCEP), the Texas Pharmacy Practice Coalition, and the Program Assessment Team.


Last Reviewed:  September 9, 2019